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Hummingbird Project

Seek the beauty in each day

Corporate Champions

MMP Architects


 We are extremely excited to announce our FIRST GOLD Corporate Sponsor. 

One of Winnipeg’s most premier architectural firms who does a lot of incredible work in the healthcare field has chosen to sponsor The Hummingbird Project. A huge Thank you to everyone at MMP Architects! We could not do this without our corporate partners. 


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We are excited to announce our first corporate sponsorship.

 Thank you so much to the Autoshow in Winnipeg for believing in us and our project.

The Autoshow team are a true class act and their contribution will help brighten the day of many patients going through chemotherapy.

If you would like to know more about the Autoshow please click on the link below.


Cranked Energy


 Picked up my Cranked Energy bites! Super excited to have @crankedenergy on board, helping and collaborating with us 😁They have offered to provide these for our bags 

and they are the perfect addition, packed full of nutrition and protein, and they taste awesome! Thank you Cheryl, you have such a beautiful heart! ❤️❤️ 


 💗seek the beauty in each day💗  

Tiber River Naturals

Tiber River Naturals
Hummingbird Project

 I just love this lady and I am so excited to have Tiber River Naturals @tiberrivernaturals on board with us and helping support The Hummingbird Project with their amazing, all natural lip balm and lotion! These products are perfect for chemo patients and the extreme dry skin and lips that we can experIence. Thank you so much! ❤️❤️

💕Seek the Beauty in Each Day💕 

Three 6 Tea


 What a truly amazing lady! ❤️Thank you Three 6 Tea for supporting us with your delicious teas. This adds some warmth and comfort to our bags and the Ginger Tea is not only soothing, but also helps to ward off nausea.
Since I started chemo I have become a tea drinker and ginger tea has become one of my essentials and favorites. 💗

💗seek the beauty in each day💗 

Technology Smart


A BIG Thank you to Jason Brook from Technology Smart for your donation to our project. It's with amazing people like yourself that allow us to reach as many patients going through chemotherapy that we can. We are excited to have you onboard as one of our Champions.



 I met this amazing lady today, Christina, the owner of BREWTeas. She has generously donated soothing tea to add to our bags! She has an amazing store on Dakota Street in Winnipeg full of delicious teas and amazing items from local artisans. She loves to promote and support local and knew the stories behind every artist in her store, so awesome! If you haven’t been, I would definitely recommend a visit! Thank you so much for your generosity and support! So excited for what’s to come! 💕❤️