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About Kari


A little about me....


My name is Kari Klassen, and I am the founder of The Hummingbird Project. I am married to my amazing Hubby, Dallas and have two wonderful boys, Jordan and Keanan. I love to run, stay active, enjoy dinners out with the family and walks with our furbabies. I am also a current breast cancer fighter and sadly recently lost my father to lung cancer.

My first chemo treatment was scary, as much as I tried to hide it my blood pressure told otherwise. I had no idea what to expect and it’s not really something you can prepare for. All I know is that i didnt want to be there. Thankfully I had the strength of my hubby by my side along with the amazing nursing staff trying to make me feel better.

I was overwhelmed with the list of information about the drugs I was given, and then came the list of things I should have at home to make my chemo treatments easier and recovery quicker, things like a soft toothbrush for bleeding gums, nail hardener as my nails will get really soft, hand lotion for dry skin, and more! I looked at Dallas and said, well I guess we are going shopping after this! It wasn’t long after that we saw the need and opportunity to provide these essentials to every patient on their first treatment, so they have one less thing to worry about, and The Hummingbird Project was born.

I am so happy that you have found us here and we welcome you on our journey to share love and hope to those effected by this horrible disease.

Together we can make a difference. ❤️


CBC Radio Interview

 Awesome and fun interview this morning with Shannah-Lee from CBC. Felt great to share our story and why giving back this way means so much to me!  ❤️