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Hummingbird Project

Seek the beauty in each day

Kari Klassen founder of The Hummingbird Project

Learn about Kari’s journey, and the inspiration behind The Hummingbird Project.

About Us


What is the Hummingbird Project

Welcome to The Hummingbird Project.  We give chemotherapy patients a small gift on their first day of treatment.  Our bags are filled with some essentials but also with some comforts and inspiration, all generously donated by the local community and businesses from Winnipeg, Manitoba and surrounding areas.   Our hope is to bring patients some comfort and ease on what can be a very scary and stressful day.  Our goal, with the help of our amazing community, is to provide as many gifts as we can.

The hummingbird animal is a messenger of hope, peace and healing.  They often fly great distances to find the sweetest nectar and are a reminder to us to seek out the good in life and the beauty in each day.  We hope that our hummingbird gifts will bring a smile to those facing their 1st chemo treatment, and a reminder that, like the hummingbird, we are capable of the most amazing feats.

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